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“Employment contract, rental contract, sales contract, service contract, etc.? What exactly has to be inside for it to be legally binding? Lean back, I'll do the whole thing
Responsibility for you. "

Melanie Petri • Specialist lawyer

What I offer:


You need help?

Do you need help with a contract?

No matter what kind of contract it is, with my law firm you have a competent lawyer at your side with whom you can discuss everything very easily and straightforwardly. Then I'll take over everything

more for you.  


  • I check or create the desired contract for you: e.g. employment contract, rental contract, purchase contract, delivery contract, contract for work, terms and conditions, non-disclosure agreement, service contract, etc. 

  • I lead the contract negotiations for you. 

  • I will take care of all the correspondence for you.

  • I protect you from the claims of others.

  • I will take care of your rights.


My many years of experience give you the security of being in good hands. I'll settle the whole matter for you

Your wishes.

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