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About me


What you can expect from me:

  • The lawyer - very close to you

My goal is to support companies in the region and to give them the best possible advice.  


  • Many years of experience and competence 

Since my admission to the bar in 2000, I have been advising companies, their managing directors and shareholders. My clients range from one-man companies to companies with several hundred employees in different Industries.  


  • Practical all-round view

I am also an in-house lawyer and authorized signatory at Trips GmbH in Grafenrheinfeld with worldwide business relationships. I am therefore very familiar with company processes. My advice takes into account the company as a whole, thus legal and economic aspects.


  • Private atmosphere and individual support 

You will not receive mass support in my office. I take the time to get to know you. Because I can only advise you optimally if I know your wishes and goals.  


  • Appointments on site

Consultations can take place at your location or online. That saves you time and I'll get to know your company right away. You have all the documents you need to hand and we can get started right away. This is how you can quickly achieve your rights. 

Short, succinct and successful!

Dear Ms. Petri, thank you very much for your competent support in legal work and its positive turn. I can recommend you at any time. Short, succinct and successful! 
Thank you very much and good luck to you for your future. 
Best regards 

Petra S.


Let's work together!

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